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What Patients Say

I had an amazing experience. I learned so much about nutrition, food labels and the food/big pharma/government lobbyists industry, which I had no clue about prior to entering the program. The program helped me to be more aware of what I feed myself and my family. It set me on a path to good health through nutrition instead of relying on pharmaceuticals. I can physically tell the difference from eating bad and eating well. My mind was opened to a whole new world on nutrition. The program is very structured and well thought out. I loved that all the supplements, counseling, guides and test were included with no extra hidden costs. Hailey is so knowledgeable and very supportive, she is amazing!
V. Da
I would recommend DW to anyone interested in improving their health holistically! I love DW’s approach on SLOWLY incorporating lifestyle changes that when compounder can have a huge effect on health. The program’s approach is very organized and comprehensive. They make it easy! The staff is super friendly and compassionate. If feels like working with a team – they all have your best interest at heart. Hailey is very knowledgeable but she’s able to relay information in a relatable and understandable way. She’s very organized and is always prepared, which adds to the ease of the program. The program is very high quality! I can tell that they’ve invested a great deal of time into researching all aspects of healthy living. The program is extremely integrative, which is why it is so successful. Again, the team are very organized and professional in every aspect. You will likely never get DW’s level of attention to detail or concern from a physician/physician’s office.
G. Love
"I have had a truly great experience so far from the initial consultation to the nitty gritty of the program. I am only in 6 weeks on a 6-month program and the support and education have been exceptional. They are always available to answer any questions that I have along the way (even outside of our biweekly appointments and are so knowledgeable. The program is definitely costly but can you really put a limit on your health and well-being?"
C. Motto
"I have just completed my 6 months on this program after trying numerous programs. I have had little to no results on any of these other programs. This program was amazing, and I have never felt better in my adult life. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who feels like there is no hope, Discover Wellness has been a game changer for me. Thank you for giving me my life back!"
B. Crain
I’ve been on the program for 6 weeks and lost 24 lbs and feeling great!
S. Bittner
I have finished my 6 months! Love these two. It’s been a great journey for me and especially my husband. They do great work. My husband is no longer taking any of his diabetic medicines and A1C is down to 6.5. I am down 40 lbs. You can’t go backwards with knowledge.
S. Coppedge
My experience at Discover Wellness has been phenomenal! I admit, I was extremely skeptical at first. I mean, really, what could they do for me that I cannot do for myself? Well... let me tell you. First, the blood work. They not only ordered comprehensive labs for so many things that I could not get my primary care physician to order but took as much time as needed to go through each line to thoroughly explain what each meant, how it applied to my personal health and how I could start tackling the root causes. This was a very different and refreshing perspective of addressing my health issues. Imagine getting at the root of the problem instead of just masking the symptoms with pills, which can and do cause other problems. This was the beginning of a great relationship! In the first two weeks on their program I felt better than I have in over a decade, no kidding! I am in week 7 of the program and continue to feel better and better every day. In addition to these wonderful results, I get face-to-face personal care. They take as much time as is needed to go over everything and answer my questions. Catherine is quick to respond to texts and calls outside of the regular office visits to answer any additional questions. They truly care about you!! Take that money you are spending at Starbucks or wherever and put it to good use toward your health. I cannot recommend a better place to spend it than at Discover Wellness.
J. Livingston
The nicest people on the planet!
C. Santa Maria
I have loved working with Discover Wellness! Their knowledge and expertise has helped guide me to make the changes I wanted in my health. I get much better QUALITY sleep, I have so much more energy throughout the day. I have learned how to read labels and really understand what was going into my body. They are very professional and understanding. They don’t piddle around, get right to the problem. Changed my life!
J. Falcon
Just about 5 months ago I walked into Discover Wellness feeling hopeless. I had, at that point, tried just about every fad diet or "new proven weight loss solution" and never had success. Granted I would maybe lose a few pounds here or there but it always came back and the lengths at which I went through to get those few pounds were exhausting. However, once I started with DW things just FELT different. They honestly cared about my health issues and understood my want for a change. They were welcoming, kind, and so easy to talk to. Now, 5 months later, I am down 40 lbs, I understand my dietary restrictions due to my autoimmune issues, and I am seeing new benefits every day. Better sleep, improved skin, I almost NEVER get a headache anymore, I have more energy, and my outlook on life is just completely better. I use to be on depression, anxiety, and sleep medication and I no longer take any. Do I still have some weight to lose... sure, but I think for me it is the education and overall health benefits that I am just so thankful for. I will use these lessons for the rest of my life. If you even had a fleeting thought about calling... DO IT! You won't regret it! And CHEERS to your improved health journey!
L. Bertsch
Discover Wellness really cares about your health and well-being. They are very knowledgeable and look beyond the norms and teach you how to help your body thrive as best it can. I highly recommend Discover Wellness if you want to live your best life.
A. Peterson-Hill
Discover Wellness is amazing and really cares about their clients' wellbeing. I am learning so much about living a healthy lifestyle while achieving results. I look forward to my visits with them every time. Highly recommend their program.
L. Witzke
Went in with one problem and they found something different that I wasn’t aware of. They were able to change my life and help me with things I had no idea about. I also lost weight in the process ! Very professional, helpful and caring. They made things right. Thank you for changing my life around :). 
I have struggled with autoimmune disease, high blood pressure, high triglycerides (619), high cholesterol (246), low free T3 (2.70), unable to sleep through the night, tired and lack of energy for years. I have tried numerous diets, been gluten free for 18 years, fasted off and on throughout my life and thought I was eating healthy – all to no avail. I could not lose wight and was getting sicker by the day. I hated to look in the mirror and was tired of always putting a smile on my face when I was not happy with my health or appearance. I came across the Discover Wellness advertisement and was very leery that this was a scam. They talked about how my thyroid medication didn’t have T3 in it and that alone piqued my interest. I was intrigued about getting to the root of my problems. Doing a comprehensive blood test to see what was going wrong internally and how to proceed to fix it was enlightening. Then I met Hailey, the nutritionist and registered dietitian every 2 weeks to educate me on my health, food intake and how the wrong junk foods impact our health. After 6 months on the program and detoxing my body, the results are amazing. My blood pressure is within normal range, my cholesterol is 159, triglycerides 114, weight loss 30 pounds, I sleep 6-7 hours per night, have more energy, no skin breakouts, and no pain from my arthritis. I know without a doubt that I will be able to continue this program myself because of the teaching Hailey has passed on to me. I will forever be grateful to this comprehensive program, and it was worth every penny. I look forward to getting off the pills and enjoying life again. Thank you for my newfound health.
M. Whittaker