Discover Wellness

Meet The Team

Catherine Southerland

My passion is running operations in alternative medical clinics, in order to help people regain their health and joy in life.  For over 20 years, I owned a successful Functional Wellness office. Her duties there included Office Manager, Trainer, Systems analyst, 
Sales, and delivery of services. (All while homeschooling her kids, which are now grown and gone!) I have a double Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Nutrition and dietetics. I have many hours of post-graduate education in functional nutrition, endocrinology, and thyroid disturbances. She likes hunting with her family on their ranch, reading, and having sand between her toes!!  She just recently moved to Colorado Springs with her husband Dale to open Discover Wellness and help the people of COS to find the real cause of their health issues.

Dr. Dale Southerland

Dr. Dale Southerland is a zealous fan and advocate of natural healthcare. He is always searching to learn how to keep people healthy naturally. He spends countless hours looking for ways to improve health – true health, not just patchwork. 
His doctorate was obtained in 1995 from Texas Chiropractic College. His post-graduate studies are in immunology, endocrinology, and functional medicine. 
Because of his passion for health and life, he stays very active. He is also an avid outdoorsman and loves being close to nature. When not in the office, he can often be found outdoors with his wife, Catherine. 
He just recently moved to Colorado Springs to open Discover Wellness and bring his knowledge and love of helping people to the Colorado area.

Tali Kentof
Outreach Coordinator

Tali Kentof received her master’s degree in education in 2000 and has completed post graduate work in natural health and functional wellness, holding certifications in herbalism and wellness coaching. Tali has worked on both sides of the healthcare paradigm. Being a former pharmaceutical sales representative for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, her role placed her face- to -face with physicians as a specialist in cardiovascular and gastroenterology pharmaceuticals. It wasn’t until Tali was sickened by the same system she represented that she stumbled to the holistic side of “wellness” seeking her own answers to a long list of mysterious symptoms and a decade search for their root cause. On this journey, she learned how to heal herself naturally–and take charge of her health.
In her spare time, you will find Tali hiking and biking local trails, playing classical piano, capturing photographs in nature and enjoying her newfound health and wellness. Paying it forward and teaching others how to live healthier, happier lives is her ultimate
purpose and passion.

Hailey Brooks
Registered Dietician

I got my undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois. I actually started as a biology major because I was always fascinated by the physiology of the body in all of my extracurricular classes were science classes. However, during my sophomore year of college, I started looking into what job I would get when I got out of school and found dietetics. I had never even heard of the occupation before but it seemed perfect for me and I switched majors immediately. Then I proceeded to complete my Master’s degree in clinical nutrition and my dietetic internship at the same time at the University of Wisconsin/UWHealth. From this experience, I learned that I do not enjoy working in the hospital setting because I never had the means to help anyone. I only had about 15 minutes that I could spend per patient, I had to follow specific protocols, and most of my time was actually spent just documenting interactions with patients rather than actually with the patients. That is why I am now working in functional wellness where I have the time and resources to actually help people make changes to their health.