Infrared Sauna; Healthy Relaxation

What are infrared saunas?

 An infrared sauna is a type of sauna that heats the body directly using light instead of
heating the surrounding air. Because of this an infrared sauna is able to operate at a
much lower temperature than the traditional sauna with the infrared sauna being around
110-135 degrees and a traditional sauna being hotter, around 150-195 degrees.

What is infrared?
Infrared is a type of light wave that is imperceivable to the human eye.The wavelength
of infrared falls between those seen with visible light and microwaves. Infrared light is
given off by sunlight and accounts to close to 50% of the heating of the earth. This
infrared light excites molecules when absorbed and activates vibrational modes by
changes in the dipole moment (the electrical charge of the molecule).

Infrared sauna health benefits:
● Improved circulation
● Lower blood pressure
● Improved muscle recovery
● Improvement in chronic disease states
● Improved chronic pain
● Better sleep
● Reduced oxidative stress
● Detoxification

Studies suggest that infrared saunas can positively affect disease states such as
hypertension, dementia, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and heart failure. This is
hypothesized to be due to the improvement in circulation caused by infrared saunas.
The heat from the infrared light causes the blood vessels to dilate, widening and
increasing blood flow. This improved circulation reduces blood pressure and can aid in
enhanced muscle recovery due to the improved blood supply for the healing of the
muscles. This also helps to improve sleep.

Infrared sauna tips
1. It is very important to stay hydrated. A lot of water is lost through sweat in the
sauna, and if you are not properly hydrated, this can result in severe dehydration.

2. Never go to a sauna after drinking alcohol. You will end up with a terrible
hangover due to the additional dehydrating effects of the sauna.
3. Avoid infrared saunas if you have low blood pressure. The sauna has the effect
of lowering blood pressure. If you are already predisposed to having low blood
pressure, then this can result in critically low blood pressure, and you will likely
pass out.
4. Rinse off after your sauna session. The toxins released from the body through
sweat can be reabsorbed if you let the sweat stay on your skin for too long. If you
are trying to detox with an infrared sauna, then it is essential that you rinse off the
sweat as soon as possible after your suna session.