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Discover Wellness believes being healthy and “living” your best life should be simple. Our mission is to find the root cause of your issues and correct them without drugs and surgery so that you can have the quality of life you deserve.

The 5 Pillars of Health

The Five Pillars of Health guide us in striving for and achieving total health. 

Nervous System

The Nervous System Pillar manages brain function and the interchange between your brain and your nerves, which your brain uses to control every single bodily function. If you experience symptoms like mobility difficulty, difficulties with motion, weak motor skills, loss of strength, and flexibility, tremors, memory issues, moodiness, you need to strengthen this pillar.


The Detoxification Pillar prevents dangerous toxins from accumulating in your body and inhibiting the function of different organs. Detoxification works through your body processes to eliminate toxins, using processes from exhaling to excretion. If you have constipation, inflammation, a large belly, regular brain fog, difficulty concentrating, aches and pains, chronic health conditions, or cancer, then your Detoxification Pillar needs some work.


The Hormones Pillar balances and regulates the chemicals that control your body’s processes. Without balance, hormones can interfere with your body’s functions. Poor sleep, lack of restorative sleep, aggressive thoughts and behaviors, food cravings, unexplained hunger, dips in energy, thyroid disease, menstrual irregularities and reproductive issues, digestive problems, memory loss, mood changes, and brain fog are all signs that you need to pay more attention to your Hormones Pillar.


The Fitness Pillar ensures your physical strength and the health of your muscles, tissues, and vital organs. To achieve strength and healthy organs, you must give your body enough oxygen and a robust circulatory system. If you suffer from stress or anxiety, weight gain, loss of strength and flexibility, loss of coordination, hormonal imbalance, stroke recovery, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, any chronic conditions, or the inability to stay awake, strengthening your Fitness Pillar will give you relief.


The Nutrition Pillar includes the foods you eat and how your body processes nutrients to support your biological functions. You need the highest quality nutrition to have the healthiest possible version of yourself. If you are experiencing allergies and sinus problems, weight issues, declined strength, cancer, heart disease, or chronic illnesses, you need to make sure that your nutrition pillar is as strong as it can be.